Snails Club (Il Cerchio delle Lumache)

Original title: Il Cerchio delle Lumache
International title: Snails Club
Chinese title: 蜗⽜牛洞洞

Year: 2020
Country: Italy
Runtime: 63’
Language: Italian
Genre: dramatic, sentimental, grotesque
Production company: PALONEROfilm

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FB / IG: palonerofilm

Synopsis: Two years of cronicle have harassed the italian region Marche; the 2016 earthquake, the murder of Pamela Mastropietro, the fascist terroristic attack made by Luca Traini and the antiracist demostration of 30000 in Macerata. During this time and places the misadventures of Marco take place, victim of a car accident. 


Director notes: After the previous choral movie – with an enormous amount of locations, editing cuts and actors – we’ve chosen, to avoid mannerism, to work in a totally new way: a few locations, 3 main characters, quiet rythm, attention to the suggestions and to the atmospheres, with a macroscopic work upon the power of the off-screen. 

The movie adopt a pre-existent genre, and for the first time totally subverts its structural foundations. 


The director, Senesi Michele: Senesi is the founder of the production company PALONEROfilm (feature films: Bumba Atomika, feature film production: I REC U), working on the realization of independent audiovisual products of authorial imprint. 

Editor and Professor, is the co-founder of, one of the longest-lived and rich of contents world website. Since 2003 he studies and divulgate asian cinema and culture.
He contributed on dozens of magazines, Festivals, newspapers, books, websites and conferences. 

Essential Filmography:

-Bumba Atomika (Full Length Movie)

-Somato (short)

-I REC U (only production, Full Length Movie directed by Federico Sfascia)

-Natale a Visso (short)

-Snails Club (Full Length Movie)



Mauro Negri: loyal actor of PALONEROfilm (Bumba Atomika, Somato, Heart Defense Squad…) is a veteran in cinema and tv (Centovetrine, Squadra Antimafia 2…), in advertisings (Esso, Mediolanum, Vodafone…) and theatre (Un Amore di Buzzati…).

Valentina Lauducci: After the satyrical short film directed by Senesi, Natale a Visso, Valentina has been chosen as co-star in the movie, strong on her great acting talent and on her devotion to art in any form.

Mascia Antonelli: Young actress at her debut in cinema, has been chosen after a long search. She showed off her charisma and appearance showing an attitude able to disintegrate the screen. It was never a happier choice.


International Soundtrack on a totally italian movie. 

The movie Snails Club has a various and layered soundtrack by international artist of different sounds. 

From Italy the Camillas with three well known tracks, already authors of the soundtrack of the movie Tonno Spiaggiato and known by the audience after the success on Italia’s Got Talent. Also from Italy TICA with the new album, Aedi and Family Portrait. 

From Rome, Cobol Pongide, top name in chip tune scene, italian circuit bending (with two unreleased tracks), the fool youtubers Lupi Negvi and the journalist Nicola Boari, manager of the label Spettro Rec, with his project SLP. 

A great foreign presence with antithetic sounds;
from Belgium the drone-ambient project by Jean-Philippe Feiss, member of the Paris jazz scene, called Ze-Ka.
From Portugal, Rasalasad, noise project by Fernando Cerqueira, founder of Thisco record, and two bands come from UK: the noise sound by Sea of Aland and the grindcore by Horsebastard.